Leonardo D. Mariscal

Hi! Currently, a Junior Programmer at Ubisoft Reflections, working on an unannounced project. Originally from México, moved to the UK to do a masters, and have decided to extend my stay 😄.

In research, my main field of interest is the intersection between computer graphics and artificial intelligence—inverse problems in machine learning and computer vision. Usually it is something related to neural representations and inverse graphics.

Stuff I like: open-source software, Linux, Arch, (Neo)Vim, modern C++, Julia, Python, LaTeX, computer graphics, machine learning, rendering in all of its forms, reading fantasy, juggling, and over utilizing the word “novel”. Sprinkle some web development as a hobby, and other stuff that better fits in a lengthy CV.

I invite you to check my writings (fancy name for a blog), and portfolio, which contains a selection of my projects, and a few demos. Site under construction! 🏗️

Please don’t hesitate to contact me through email or social media.

Contact Me

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